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Failure Stories Are More Important Than Successful Ones

We are living in a society where success stories are glorified and failure stories are horrified. Isn’t it so?
But believe me it’s terrible. We need to break this system. I will tell you why?
Let’s have an analogy.
failure story explanation

Suppose you are at the START point in the above picture. Now your destination is the END point. So you will be successful when you will reach the END point in the picture. Now if I tell you some success stories or events it will tell you about the END point. So you will get an idea about END point only. I’m not telling that it’s not required. But listening success stories means knowing the END point – the destination. That’s required only once to get the idea of END point. But the main effort is in the meanwhile i.e the road – the smooth – the rough – the anything possible road. As this road is not a straight line joining the START and END point. It’s a totally unpredictable, random road full of chaos. Like in the picture you can see different points in the road like A, B, C, D, E, F and G where some portions are smooth and linear, some are curve and rough and many more. And also this path is not fixed. It’s totally variable. So you can only get some probabilistic idea like most probable density of some events here which can help you to ease your journey. But don’t be scared. This unpredictable path is just fantastic, lively. And you can get to know about this messy road only from failure stories. From some failure stories you can get details of Road from START to A. From some other failure stories you can get to know the Road from A to B and so on. And even if you see the successful ones, you can see they have also completed this path to reach their destiny – the END point. But as they are currently in the END point our society is glorifying that one not the path they came across to reach there.
So my suggestion to all entrepreneurs is:
“Read failure stories more than the success ones. Know the path more to reach success than the success state itself. Once your success node or goal is set focus on the path – the messy path – the real implementation. And enjoy the journey. It’s blissful. It will make you wise.”
So all the best my friends.. Let’s build success on the base of failure.


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