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How to Create a Business Idea That’s Perfect for You

business idea perfect for you

Brainstorming, Innovation, Idea Generation, ….. these are the buzzwords in startup ecosystem. Isn’t it? And if you are also fond of these words and use your toilet time for brainstorming with a belief that “World is not changed by money, power or any other bullshit rather by the innovative ideas and profound thought process”, this article is just for you. Welcome here….
First of all, I will tell you why some ideas are good for you and why some are just not. Let’s imagine there’s a man named Andrew who is fond Yoga and every morning practises yoga and meditation at his home. Recently he has done a course work for Yoga. Now-a-days he is very happy with his personal, professional life and living the life totally with his family. Now he is feeling to share this happiness with all other fellow beings of the society. And that’s why he would like to join a volunteering program to serve the society. And in a program he found three options:
  1. Teaching poor students every weekend
  2. Organize blood donation camps
  3. Making the people aware of the benefits of Yoga and Meditation and giving them the basic knowledge
So what option he will choose?
Obviously he would choose the 3rd option. Right?
Other two options are equally good for the society. So if Andrew loves to give back something to the society, he may choose the other two. But his passion is in the 3rd one. So if he choose the 3rd one, not only he would serve the society happily but also he can stick to this as this is his passion.
So, I think now you are very clear that which toilet ideas are inclined with your passion only those should be taken out from the toilet.
Now if you got multiple ideas which are inclined to your passion, look which ideas are inclined with your skills. So now your inner reflection has filtered your ideas with your passion and your skills.
After this inner journey, it’s time to look outward. Observe the market, study the market, play with the market – and after all decide which of your filtered ideas are here (in the market) to stay. Yes, I mean validate your idea with the market and now fix your final idea which is ready to take off……. YAY!!!!…. Congratulations!! Your idea is now ready to boom the world..
All the best……………….

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